In the spring Hawaii Watercolor Society Members’ Show 2014, the juror, Jan Ledbetter selected my painting “Guardian” for the show. It is a short-eared, endemic owl found in Hawaii. The pueo is known as an ‘aumakua (ancestor spirit) in Hawaiian culture. I know people who consider the sacred pueo to be their 'aumakua, and it protects them. The pueo live in forests and grasslands. A family who are friends of mine, was fortunate enough to have a pueo fly with them for about a quarter of a mile while they were driving in their car!



This painting of the Hawaiian owl, sold in Honolulu at the HWS show. It depicts the Hualalai Volcano in the background and the vibrant red lehua blossoms of the 'ohi'a tree which are also found in our area.

In the spring of this year I plan on painting another version of the pueo, to compliment the i'o painting I have done. It is already drawn and is ready to paint for a possible commission. I am also working on four paintings for this year’s HWS spring show!