New Work To Share

Here are my new original watercolor paintings for you to view over the next couple of days on my blog. I would love feedback about the paintings, as well as my blog and website.


Magnificent Iris, 18" x 30" painting size, framed

Magnificent Iris received the SMS Research & Marketing, Sun Eden Award with the Hawaii Watercolor Society Members’ Show, spring 2013. I flew to Honolulu for the reception to receive my first award. There are these tiny irises that bloom periodically in my garden, so they are quite magnified in the painting in these striking, dramatic blues. This painting was in the watercolor advertising section of the Southwest Art magazine, July 2013.


Shower of Grace. 19" x 13" painting size, framed

Also in the same show as the above piece and I was told the juror was considering an award for it. It’s been a very popular piece. You can see banana trees all around Holualoa and the island. In fact there are a number of them in my back yard! The painting, deckled and floated with a lovely koa veneer frame is in Harbor Gallery in Kawaihae.

‘Aumakua Jewel. 22" x 23" painting size, framed

You’ll find this jewel of a painting, a contemporary green sea turtle at the Harbor Gallery, with a solid koa frame. There are many definitions of the Hawaiian word but one is guardian spirit or family protector. The owners assure me it won’t last long in their gallery.


Brilliance, 22" x 30" painting size, framed

This orange double hibiscus beauty was also in my garden, and I couldn’t resist using high intensity complimentary colors. It is at Harbor Gallery, with a very elegant gold frame, deckled and floated on a red hued mat.

Hawaiian Brunch, 11" x 15" painting size

A small but delicious framed still life with mangoes, pears and orchid, I hope you’ll enjoy. This painting is at Harbor Gallery.