Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you! I’m starting the new year by highlighting more of the events of 2014 in the next group of blogs.

Two pieces of artwork were selected for last year’s fall Hawaii Watercolor Society Open Show. The juror Iain Stewart selected “Tropical Sanctuary” and “Upbeat Aloha.” I attended Iain’s watercolor workshop, and as a result my two most recent paintings have more quality of light in the work. Iain looked at my portfolio and said that I was a very fine artist, and not to change my style! Thank you to all the gracious HWS members I saw in Honolulu, and to my friend Rebecca Snow, the workshop chair person. While there I saw the show, did plein air painting at Kailua Beach, and visited my friend Lorrie Tunnell and her husband John in Kaaawa with its breathtaking scenic views.

Tropical Sanctuary

Upbeat Aloha

The Flamingos were in the Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Kailua Kona on the Big Island. The musicians were in the King Kamehameha Day Parade in Kona. They are inspired by Devin Kahale Ali'i Keana'aina and his brother Gavin.

Iain Stewart

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