The Hawaii Watercolor Society 2012 Open Exhibition

50th Anniversary Show
September 23rd - October 20th 
Honolulu Museum of Art School - Main Gallery at Linekona


Miraculous Day, Original Watercolor, 30" x 22", framed

Welcome back to my blog!  The juror Robert O'brien has selected two of my paintings for the show in Honolulu and they are now on exhibition!

A friend recommended that I look at, photograph, and paint these lovely azaleas.  They were amazing because of the white azalea and magenta flowers blooming on the same bush!  Sometimes the unexpected is created so stunningly in Nature.  Seeing a red and white rose on one bush also has many spiritual references, as I had been reading about and my friend happened to mention.  Then after I painted the azaleas that were selected another friend pointed out red and pink miniature roses on a bush!  

I had a huge challenge with the blue background, but I love how it turned out and accentuates the delicate white azalea.  


Dancer’s Dream. Original Watercolor. 20" x 16", framed

Recently I had decided to take on another challenge, that of depicting figures in Hawaiian scenes in my work.  I saw these hula dancers in the King Kamehameha Day parade on Al'ii Drive in Kona, Hawaii and decided they were perfect to paint.  Their grace, rhythm, youthfulness comes alive in the painting.  Movement was created with the skirts and hair blowing in the breeze and the waves in the background.  The dramatic blue sky contrasts with the yellow and white attire.

I am also gearing up for another juried exhibition in Hilo, at the East Hawaii Cultural Center, this fall.  I plan to take paintings of a beautiful ocean scene, a pau rider and an I'o, the Hawaiian hawk.  More on that later!