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Welcome back to my blog!

Three of my paintings are in downtown Honolulu at the 2011 HWS (Hawaii Watercolor Society) Open Exhibition, in the Pauahi Tower, 1001 Bishop Street, from October 15th through November 12th.  They are Grandeur, Kamakahonu Bay, Child’s Play at Kua Bay and Honokohau Harbor.

I wish to thank Ken Hosmer and his wife Linda, for such a wonderful time, when they came to Honolulu, and he taught a workshop and juried the HWS (Honolulu Watercolor Society) Show.  Ken teaches so many important concepts about making paintings dynamic.  We got to tour Honolulu with artist Rebecca Snow, who was a wonderful host and friend. 


That’s me on the left, Rebecca Snow in the middle, and Linda and Ken Hosmer on the right.

Three pieces of artwork grace the newly renovated dining room of the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel.  They are Grandeur, Kamakahonu Bay, Kukio Bay Sea Turtles and Majesty at Dusk.  My thanks to artist and friend, Janet Lipps who designed the new dining room interior.


This is the reception area of the Honu Restaurant, in the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel.  My three paintings are on the left, and one of Janet and Chuck Lipps beautiful koa and stone surfboards is on the right.

I want to express my appreciation to two other artist and friends I have gained so much knowledge from this year.  Kathleen Alexander in Maui with her brilliant watercolor glazes, Carol Carter who came to the Big Island, sharing her extraordinary colors and expertise.  Kathleen and Carol stayed at my home the night of the tsunami.  (They both gave me original watercolors which I love!)


This is Kathleen Alexander on the left, and Carol Carter on the right.


Here’s Kathleen again, with one of her beautiful watercolors, “Haiku Plumeria”.

Also I sold one of my favorite original paintings, the Cardinal and the Christmas Palm.  Yeah!